Philadelphia Eagles “Huge Announcement” Scheduled for 3 pm EST

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C Costigan
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Philadelphia Eagles

So what is the Philadelphia Eagles “huge announcement”?

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk first pointed people in the direction of the Eagles Facebook page, which posted that there will be some sort of major announcement Thursday afternoon. 

What that announcement might be, we at don’t have a clue.

Speculation is running wild though.

Facebook fans posted these speculative messages:

Rumor has it that The Eagles are trying to get Troy Smith from Baltimore, but what good would that do? We need more depth in the runningback position......

This is what their website says about the announcement: "Let's put it this way: you, the fans will be impacted by it." Sounds like another silly promotion….

Reid Fired himself?...

Some say the so-called “big announcement” could have little to do with player acquisitions and instead have something to do with ticket pricing.

Whatever the announcement may be, Eagle fans are certainly going to be flocking to the Eagles official site come 3 pm EST. 

The Eagles Facebook page has a whopping 202,534 fans.  They are still at +240 odds of winning the NFC East at
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