Packers 2011 Super Bowl Odds Pay Under $500: Little Value Seen

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Don Shapiro
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Packers 2011 Super Bowl Odds

With the Packers 2011 Super Bowl odds paying just under $500 on a $100 bet at, sees Green Bay as having some of the least value in terms of Super Bowl future pricing.

If they were in double digits, perhaps the Packers would offer some enticement.  Green Bay faces Atlanta on the road Saturday having looked unimpressive throughout a chunk of the season.  Much of that, however, was due to injuries.  Still, the odds should reflect that lackluster performance.

The Blog noted the following:

The Packers’ defense has failed to generate a turnover only twice all year, one of those being the first trip to Atlanta back in Week 12. The Falcons turned the ball over the fewest of any NFC team this past season, just 17 times. Just one or two turnovers for the Packers could turn the tide.

It won’t be easy for Green Bay.  Their defense will be going up against Pro Bowl running back Michael Turner, who finished with the league's third-highest rushing total, 1,371 yards.  Additionally, he was tied for fourth with 12 touchdowns. 

Green Bay is being backed rather heavily to win their game against Atlanta outright, getting around 80 percent of the money line action


Prior to last week’s win over Philadelphia, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had never won a Playoffs game.  He will face a quarterback in Matt Ryan who still has not won in the post season.

Ryan's win percentage at the Georgia Dome is .909, compared to just .520 on the road (including the playoffs).

Here were all your odds to win the 2011 Super Bowl:

New England Patriots +120 pays $120 for every $100 bet

New York Jets would pay $1000 for every $100 bet

Pittsburgh Steelers would pay out $525 for every $100 bet

Chicago Bears would pay out $520 for every $100 bet

Green Bay Packers would pay $465 for every $100 bet

Atlanta Falcons would pay $440 for every $100 bet

Seattle Seahawks would pay $3000 for every $100 bet

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