Ohio State Football Getting “Sick” Action On Money Line

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C Costigan
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Ohio State Football


People are willing to bet $95 for a $10 profit with the Ohio State football money line.  It just happens to be the bet getting the most action coming into Saturday at Sportsbook.com, the largest online sports betting site in terms of overall customer volume. 

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“It really is amazing to see such a huge money line bet getting the most action of the weekend,” says Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter for the Gambling911.com website.  “It is SICK!”

Money line bets only require a team wins outright but often encompasses a huge risk vs. win ratio.  In this case, every $95 bet pays a mere $10 (the $95 bet returned should Ohio State win).

“There is zero money on the Illinois money line as of late Friday evening,” Stroup points out.  “That is virtually unheard of.”

As good as Ohio State might be perceived, the Illinois money line might be worth a small wager. 

As ESPN.com point out, the Illini have a history of playing Ohio State tough. The Buckeyes are only 14-11 in the last 25 meetings.

A $10 bet on the Illini would pay out nearly $70at Sportsbook.com on the money line.


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Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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