NFL Week 11 | Previews and Predictions

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Another great week in the NFL and we the fans get to watch and hopefully win a boatload of money! Have you thought about who you like this week and are you leaning any one particular way? We have done some evaluating and have come up with some value plays. Get ready to pad the pocket and cash those winning tickets!

Every week brings something new and who knows what surprise is in store. This year has been the upset special in the NFL. Who gets upset this week and who comes through on the big number? The Steelers have already given their doubters something to think twice about with a smack down win over Tennessee on Thursday Night Football. Antonio Brown had a monster game against the Titans with 10 receptions on 144 yard and 3 touchdowns. It was a fantastic day for Pittsburgh and business as usual in prime time. Check out what’s in store this week.

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Ravens vs. Packers

Give credit where credit is due here. The Packers haven’t been as horrible as everyone predicted that they would be. However, this week, they are in for a real test going up against a very good Ravens defense. Joe Flacco is due for his one breakout game of the season and usually it’s never good to bank your betting hopes on who is “due”. This may be the day. The Packers are middle of the road at best against a team who can throw and run and they are not very good at all without Aaron Rogers. -2 is not much respect without having to face Rogers. Lay the points and wrap this one up on the road. The Ravens just might run away late, with this one.

Prediction: Ravens-2

Eagles vs. Cowboys

The Cowboys are in a lot worse shape than they want you to believe. Without Ezekiel Elliot, they will struggle. They are 2-2 at home with him and they got shelled in Denver, with him. Look at Denver! Not very good, well let’s rephrase that, they are terrible. How the Broncos beat the Cowboys is a mystery, but they did and they beat them bad. The Cowboys are prone to give up big plays and against the Eagles; bad formula. The Eagles are the best team in football and Carson Wentz is having a stellar, bust-out year.  The Eagles do everything well, they run, they pass, they kick! It really is that simple. They should be 9-0 but Kansas City got by, early on. Vegas is giving too much respect to the home team and the Cowboys will pay the price. Look for a blowout win on the road.

Prediction: Eagles -5

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Rams vs. Vikings

The Rams come charging into town with a chip on their shoulder having not beaten the Vikings in Minnesota, the last 4 attempts. As a matter of fact, the Rams have not won in Minnesota going back to 2006. This is not your father’s Rams. On the other hand, maybe it is your fathers Rams! The Rams well before the days of St. Louis. How about the Dickerson or Sayers Rams, could they be that dangerous? What about the fastest show on turf Rams with Warner, do they ring a bell? For sure they do. This Rams team may not be there yet, but they are on the way. Defensively, they are growing and game to game, they will get better. Wade Phillips is the Guru that brought a championship formula to the Denver Broncos. Let’s Get real the Viking are not consistent on offense. It’s the same old Vikings. Look for this one to go the way of LA baby and lock it up because the numbers will move.

Prediction: Rams Money Line

Prepare yourself for another wild Sunday I the NFL. Anybody can beat anybody and there is no telling where the upset will come this week. Every game is a worthy watch and every game this week should be competitive. Get your online numbers early and get your money in. There is reward for those who study and this week a lot of money is at stake. Will you be the beneficiary? Check with your online sportsbook and get the up to date numbers. Have fun and crush the bookie.

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