NFL Odds: 2013 - 2014 (The Best Of… Falcons, Ravens, Steelers, Raiders

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Ean Lamb
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NFL Odds: 2013 - 2014 (The Best Of… Falcons, Ravens, Steelers, Raiders

Gambling911.com has your NFL odds for 2013-2014, the Best Of…. 

The Atlanta Falcons best NFL odds for 2013-2014:

Regular season wins total OVER/UNDER 9.5 could be found at Sportsbook.com with the OVER priced at -120, the UNDER at even.  At Bookmaker, the OVER actually would pay out $110 for every $100 bet or $11 for every $10 betIf you want the UNDER 9.5 at Bookmaker, you’ll need to lay down $130 to win $100.

The best price for Atlanta to win the NFC South could be found at Sportsbook, which would pay $175 for every $100 bet with a win.  At Bookmaker, the payout would be $165.

Sportsbook.com also pays the best for Atlanta winning the NFC South, $1100 on a $100 bet.

Atlanta’s odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl were 20/1 at Sportsbook.


The Baltimore Ravens best NFL odds for 2013-2014:

Regular season wins total was OVER/UNDER 8.5.  At Bookmaker, you would be getting even odds on the OVER while Sportsbook.com was offering even odds on the UNDER.

Baltimore winning the AFC North pays just shy of 3/1 odds at Bookmaker.  Sportsbook pays closer to $200.

Winning the AFC title pays $50 more at Bookmaker ($1350) compared to $1300 at Sportsbook.

The Ravens payout odds for a 2014 Super Bowl would be greater at Sportsbook.com ($3500 for every $100 bet compared to $3300 at Bookmaker).


The Pittsburgh Steelers best NFL odds for 2013-2014:

Regular season wins total was OVER/UNDER 9.5.  The OVER at both Sportsbook and Bookmaker would pay $120.  The UNDER requires a slightly smaller risk of $140 at Bookmaker compared to Sportsbook.

Pittsburgh pays much higher odds at Sportsbook compared to Bookmaker.  Sportsbook pays $1300, a few hundred more than Bookmaker.

Winning the AFC North pays nearly double at Sportsbook (2/1) compared to near even at Bookmaker.

A Super Bowl championship pays $2500 at Sportsbook and $2150 at Bookmaker.

For the most part, if you plan on betting the Steelers futures for 2013-2014, you can pretty much stick with Sportsbook.com for all categories.


Gambling911.com is seeing a great deal of search interest for the Raiders betting odds.  The OVER/UNDER total posted by the oddsmakers suggests Oakland won’t get very far this season.  The number is 5.5 with the UNDER a -120 favorite and the OVER listed at even.

Winning the AFC West pays $1800 for every $100 bet at Sportsbook.com.  Bookmaker pays quite a bit more, $2500.  Key injuries in Denver would pretty much open this division up.

Winning the Super Bowl (good luck there) would pay out $30,000 for every $100 bet at Bookmaker.  That is double would Sportsbook.com would pay out.


- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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