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Dan Shapiro
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NFL Lockout

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, we will need to start thinking more about a possible NFL lockout and the folks at have posted odds of this happening. 

Everyone from fans, players and executives are looking over their shoulders for signs of the potential lock-out that seems inevitable.

So what do the analysts at think?

Well, bad news for fans, players and bookies alike. thinks there will be an NFL lockout and this is reflected in the odds.

“Yes” was listed at 1/3 odds.  “No” pays 2/1 odds.

Odds on how long a lock-out would last:

1 Week           1/1

2-3 Weeks      1/2

4-5 Weeks      6/5

6-7 Weeks      3/2

8+ Weeks       2/1

Odds next season starts on time

Yes      2/1

Odds there is no Super Bowl next season

Yes      50/1

- Don Shapiro,

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