NFL Lockout: “Negotiations 80 to 85 Percent Complete”

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Dan Shapiro
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NFL Lockout

Good news for NFL fans, sports bettors and bookies alike as the NFL lockout appears to be coming to an end.

From AOL Sportingnews:

CBSSports.com reporter Mike Freeman, citing a source with "intimate" knowledge of the ongoing talks, says negotiations are 80 to 85 percent complete.

Freeman also reports that several key figures have been taken by surprise with how swiftly progress has been made; in fact, some have had to cancel vacations because they believe a deal will be struck within a matter of days.

"It's going to be very difficult for this to get screwed up," CBS' source said.

Yahoo! Sports, via Dan Wetzel, reports that the framework should be in place for a deal. 

“A June 30 or July 4 announcement is a reasonable expectation,” a source told Yahoo! “My sense is that by week’s end they are likely to have some substantial framework if not a complete plan to go back and present to the owners and the players.”

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The Washington Post supported a report from Liz Mullen's Sports Business Journal colleague Daniel Kaplan, late last week that a labor deal could be mapped out in two weeks. The Post reported the window for something happening soon is a bit longer — two to three weeks.

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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