NFL Futures Betting 2011-2012: Miami Dolphins Odds, Regular Season Win Total

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Don Shapiro
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NFL Futures Betting 2011-2012:  Miami Dolphins Odds

Gambling911.com has your NFL futures betting for the 2011-2012 season.  Today we look at the Miami Dolphins odds to win the AFC East division and their regular season win total. 

First off, the Dolphins would pay out $8000 for every $100 should they somehow happen to win the 2012 Super Bowl.  Stranger things have happened and it’s not as if this is going to be a God awful team in our opinion.  Quite the contrary, G911.co believes this is a team that, despite playing in a tough division, can actually qualify for the Playoffs. 

It’s just really hard to see the Dolphins winning a championship this season when they play in a division that includes the favored New England Patriots and solid New York Jets.  That said, their division odds are listed at 10/1, which we would only consider to be fair on our value index.  Give us 20/1 in this division!

This season we believe the Dolphins defense will be able to win games, Chad Henne is a decent enough quarterback and Reggie Bush will have an impact.  There is enough talent in Miami that they should end the regular season above .500. Right?

Well, the schedule may prevent this from happening unless the Dolphins really decide to step things up two or three notches. 


When it comes to NFL futures betting in the 2011-2012 season, G911.co would look at the Miami Dolphins total regular season wins.

Checking out the schedule, we see that they’ll probably lose both games to New England and one to New York.  The Dolphins may have a tough go of it up in Buffalo in December (hope for Indian Summer). 

Before taking their Week 5 bye, Miami should be at 2-2 with a loss against New England and San Diego.  Houston comes to town and this might prove a tough test for the Dolphins.

Home games against Washington, Denver and Oakland are the only bright spots we see beyond the bye week aside from the aforementioned Bills and Jets games at home.  Throw in a win on the road in Cleveland and the Dolphins look to win 7 or 8 regular season games.  Nothing comes that easy.  The oddsmakers have them winning 7.5 regular season games.    The OVER is at -120 while the UNDER is at -110. 


Futures Value Index:

Miami Dolphins odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl 80/1 – Fair

Odds to win the AFC East Division 10/1 – Fair

Odds to win OVER 7.5 regular season games – Fair


Find more AFC East odds here


- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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