NFL Draft: Teams Looking for Quarterbacks

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Dan Shapiro
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With this evening's NFL Draft there will be a number of teams looking to get in on the top quarterbacks and whomever selects the best may dramatically improve their respective team this upcoming season.

Among the teams most desperate for quarterbacks are the Buffalo Bills, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville, Cleveland and even Washington, which just nabbed Donovan McNabb.

Why the Redskins? analyst Tim Furius points out: 

"I'd say McNabb has two good seasons left in his body, especially after being spurned by his former team. The Washington Redskins will likely jump at the chance to get Russell Okung or Bryan Bulaga to bolster their tackle spots and protect their recent investment.

"The honest truth is that if Shanahan sees McNabb as a two-year starter, and with the fate of Jason Campbell still very uncertain, they're no need to jump with the fourth pick to get another quarterback. This draft, like its 2011 and 2012 renditions, will have plenty of talent at the passer position.

"There's no need to jump the gun this year. The Redskins can wait to draft a quarterback next year."

As for Cleveland, Furius is almost certain the Browns will end up with something better than Jake DelHomme.

"I'm reserving all of my Jake Delhomme jokes for the season, but the fact remains that this guy is not deserving of a starting job anywhere, let alone the $19.6 million he gets from both the Panthers and Browns in 2010. Don't worry, Cleveland. He's just a transition guy."

"That being said, Cleveland owns all the cards for the quarterbacks in the 2010 NFL Draft. From what we hear, they like Jimmy Clausen and they're warm on Colt McCoy."

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