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Frank Doyle
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Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his NFL Conference Championships 2010 picks. He is 31-18-1, .632 (playoffs 6-2, .750) for the season so far.

Indianapolis played Pittsburgh in a big Monday Night Game in 2005, one of those who's-the-big-dog-in-the-AFC showdowns. On the Colts' very first play from scrimmage, Peyton Manning hit Marvin Harrison for an eighty yard touchdown and that was the ballgame. Indianapolis won easily, 26-7, because the Colts dropped the Steelers with their first shot. They never gave the Steelers an even break, because the Colts knew they couldn't take the chance.

And that should be Indianapolis' blueprint for the AFC Championship Game. They Colts have to strike early and often, and not give the Jets a chance to into the game. If the Colts do that they'll win easily. If not, the Jets return to the Super Bowl for the first time in over forty years.

Sports Interaction has set the line at Colts -7.5 and I'm taking Indy with the points. Indianapolis will have seen the Jets at the Chargers last Sunday and realised that you have to score early on the Jets. The longer the game goes on, the more it suits New York. Phil Simms said on the TV commentary that even though the Chargers were all over them, the Jets had to be delighted to go in at half-time only one score down. They were right in the ball game, and then the Jets just turned the screws on the Chargers in the second half.

Indy can't let that happen, and won't. Peyton Manning may be the best quarterback to ever play the position and he will be very difficult for the Jets to blitz. The Colts would feel better if they had a stronger running game, but Joseph Addai can do enough to keep the Jets' defense honest. Here's where the dream ends for the Jets. Indianapolis -7.5 against the New York Jets with Sports Interaction is the pick for this weekend's NFL AFC Conference Championship games.

The key to the NFC Championship Game will be battle at the line. Can the Vikings defensive line get to Drew Brees before Brees can get his passes away? If they can, Vikings win. If they can't, the Saints are going to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history.

What it's like is that scene in the Magnificent Seven, where the gunfighter has to draw quicker than the other guy claps his hands. Anybody who loves football has to be salivating at the prospect.

As for who's going to win, my money is on the Saints. I picked AZ last week and while I know that the Arizona defense doesn't compare with Minnesota's, Drew Brees gave an exhibition of passing play on Saturday. An exhibition. If the Vikings can't get after him, they're doomed. Brees will cut them up like a cook slicing onions.

And the Vikings need to produce on offense too. Playing in the noise of the Metrodome has been a huge advantage to them, but it's they who won't be able to hear their snap counts on Sunday, while the Saints defense will monster Favre and the Minnesota offense for all they're worth. Minnesota has the bigger mountain to climb in the NFC. All the signs say Saints. New Orleans -3.5 against Minnesota with Sports Interaction is the pick.

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