NFL Conference Championship Weekend Betting Preview

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NFL Conference Championship Weekend Betting Preview

The Super Bowl is only 2 weeks away, however most football gambling fans would admit that Conference Championship weekend is the best football weekend of the year.

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This is because the games are usually more competitive and closer then the big Super Bowl Game. Not only that but, it is hard to argue, that these are not the 4 best teams in the NFL this year. The Broncos, Patriots, Panthers and Cardinals all had the 4 top records during the season.

What is even more interesting about these two Championship games is that, when the price per head sportsbooks opened the line for these games, both lines opened at -3. The New England Patriots opened as the -3 point road favorite against the Denver Broncos, and the Carolina Panthers opened up as a -3 point home favorite against the Arizona Cardinals. As the week has gone by, the best price per head sportsbooks, have stayed steady on both lines, with only the Patriot line briefly going up to -3.5, but then quickly going back to -3.

The early action has expectantly been coming in heavily on both favorites. Just based on last weeks performances the Patriots and Panthers appear to be the more dominant teams, and many football gambling fans would say they deserve to represent their respective Conferences in the Super Bowl. However in sports what is expected to happen, compared to what actually happens is not always the same thing.

Not only is it a great week for the fans, but it is going to be another high volume weekend for price per head sportsbooks like that are going to be bombarded with all types of bets on these Conference Championships. Besides just making straight wagers on the game, these price per head sportsbooks allow players to bet parlays, teasers, props, fantasy football bets, and live bets. There is literally thousands of different types of bets that players can wager on each game.  

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