NFL Betting: Week 4 Action Report

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C Costigan
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NFL Betting Week 4

Here are the NFL teams that everyone is betting on during Week 4 play and the amount of action coming in on each that will either make or break the bookie (or gambling public):

*New York GiantsSBG Global continued to hold the Giants at -8 ½ in this game against the Kansas City Chiefs that has witnessed a line as high as -10.  The Giants are the single most bet on team during Week 4 no matter where you look.  Action was at 90 percent and a whole lot of people are betting the Giants money line as well, even at -400

*Cincinnati Bengals:  At times the Bengals were witnessing the most action of any other team in the league.  A Cincinnati win or loss will have an impact on Week 4.  The line against Cleveland remained at -6 but we are starting to see a few nervous BMs moving up a half point.  Action on this game was just shy of 90 percent on the spread. 

These next three teams were getting top 5 action though not exactly in this order.   Thus, the impact of a win/loss will still be substantial.

*Tennessee Titans:  At a steady -3, the Titans were getting over 90 percent of the action in this game at some books.  The overall NFL betting volume on the game was just not as significant as say Giants vs. Chiefs or Bengals vs. Browns.

*Dallas Cowboys:  This late afternoon game is already getting plenty of action so we will see the Cowboys right up there with the Giants when all is said and done.  Currently they are getting closer to 80 percent of the action since there is slightly more balance going on in this game. 

*Baltimore Ravens:  The Patriots aren't a public favorite?  Scary stuff.   But it's the Baltimore Ravens who are now the favorites to win the 2010 Super Bowl at some online sports betting establishments and they are a +1 ½ dog here.  This game was heavily bet on whereby the Patriots also are flirting with the top 5 most bet on teams.  Essentially, the result of this game shouldn't hurt the bookies since the action is not very lopsided. 

*Indianapolis Colts:  This team was consistently getting the 6th heaviest betting volume.  But also keep in mind that there have only been around 3 days worth of wagering coming in on Seattle vs. Indianapolis since the line was off much of the week due to injury questions facing the Seahawks.  As such, the game hasn't received as much action as those above but much of it is lopsided in favor of Indy, between 85 percent and 90 percent in fact.  They were a -10 point favorite.

Perhaps because it is a late afternoon game, but the Jets/Saints NFL betting hasn't been entirely brisk just yet.  Even action is being recorded, however.

The Lions/Bears affair is receiving even action.  The Bucs/Redskins game is seeing even action.  Bills/Dolphins is around 60/40 but the volume is not as substantial as those games mentioned above.  Oakland/Houston was also even action.

San Francisco and San Diego were getting 80 percent and 70 percent of the spread action, respectively, during the afternoon and the betting volume should pick up prior to 4 pm EST.

The Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings NFL betting will be brisk and this will end up the most bet on game of the week.  At -4 the Vikings were getting early action around 70 percent and that will probably even out a bit more come game time. 

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