NFL Betting Odds – Week 4 (2009)

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C Costigan
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NFL Betting Odds – Week 4 2009

What are the latest NFL betting odds for Week 4 (2009)?  Let's take a look and see what's cookin'.

CHICAGO -10 Detroit:  This line opened at Bears -10 and has remained there all week though we are still seeing an isolated half point move either way.

Cincinnati -6 CLEVELAND:  The line opened at -3 ½ and has stayed at -6 much of the week.

HOUSTON -8 ½ Oakland:  Houston is either an -8 ½ favorite or 9 point favorite.  Sports Interaction had the Texans at -8 ½.


Tennessee -3 JACKSONVILLE:  The line opened at a PK

New York (Giants) vs. KANSAS CITY:  There is a middling opportunity in the event that the Giants in by 9 points (which happens to be a good number). Sports Interaction had Kansas City at +9 1/2  while had the line at New York -8 1/2

NEW ENGLAND -1 ½ Baltimore:  The line originally opened at -3 ½.

WASHINGTON -7 ½ Tampa Bay

Buffalo pk MIAMI

NEW ORLEANS -7 ½ New York (Jets):  We have seen the number at -7 and -8 as well Saturday evening.

Dallas -3 DENVER:  Very steady line all week long.

SAN FRANCISCO -9 ½ St. Louis

PITTSBURGH -6 ½ San Diego:  This line opened at -6. still had the line there

MINNESOTA -4 Green Bay:  There was a -3 ½ at


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