NFL 2009 – 2010 Future Bets To Win Super Bowl

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C Costigan
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Even starting from the top with the New England Patriots, there is value when it comes to the 2010 Super Bowl.  Should the Pats win, the payout would be $450 for every $100 bet at Sports

The next shortest odds belong to the Pittsburgh Steelers paying $900 for every $100 bet should they win the 2010 Super Bowl.

Most online sportsbooks have San Diego with the third shortest odds, however, Sports Interaction lists them tied with the Eagles, promising a payout of $1100 for every $100 bet.

The Giants would pay $1200 for every $100 bet if they win the 2010 Super Bowl while the Colts would pay out $1300.

NFL 2009 and 2010 future bets were available at Sports

New England Patriots




Pittsburgh Steelers




San Diego Chargers




Philadelphia Eagles




New York Giants




Indianapolis Colts




Dallas Cowboys




Minnesota Vikings




New Orleans Saints




Tennessee Titans




Chicago Bears




Carolina Panthers




Atlanta Falcons




Arizona Cardinals




Baltimore Ravens




Washington Redskins




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