New York Jets Regular Season Win Total Betting Odds for 2012

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Dan Shapiro
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New York Jets Regular Season Win Total Betting Odds for 2012

The New York Jets regular season win total betting odds for 2012 were coming in at OVER/UNDER 8.5 with the OVER favored at -135 at BetOnline.


Seriously folks, are the Jets going to be THAT bad this upcoming season that the oddsmakers are lacking confidence New York can go over .500?   The UNDER incidentally pays slightly better than EVEN odds.

We can look at four home games the Jets should win easily:  Buffalo in Week 1, Indianapolis, Miami and Arizona.

The Jets should be able to take at least one of two home games against either Houston or San Diego, the later of which could prove meaningless in Week 16.  Really, New York should win both of these games but we’ll lean conservatively here. 

On the road they have a chance in Miami, Seattle, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Tennessee and even Buffalo during the final week should the Jets actually be playing for something. 

We at like New York’s chances of winning 9 or more regular season games.  After all, they’ve done it in 3 of the last 4 seasons (2011 was a .500 showing). 

We do have our reservations nonetheless.  Mark Sanchez is going to be under tremendous pressure to perform here.  It won’t be easy.  The Jets will be lacking in their rushing attack and passing game.  In past years, New York has relied heavily on its defense and this season, there will be less depth.   


New York Jets 2012 Schedule:

Week 1: Buffalo
Week 2: at Pittsburgh
Week 3: at Miami
Week 4: San Francisco
Week 5: Houston (Mon.)
Week 6: Indianapolis
Week 7: at New England
Week 8: Miami
Week 9: BYE
Week 10: at Seattle
Week 11: at St. Louis
Week 12: New England (Thurs.)
Week 13: Arizona
Week 14: at Jacksonville
Week 15: at Tennessee (Mon.)
Week 16: San Diego
Week 17: at Buffalo

- Dan Shapiro,

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