New Orleans Saints Odds to Win the 2012 Super Bowl

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Don Shapiro
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New Orleans Saints Odds to Win the 2012 Super Bowl

The New Orleans Saints odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl were at 8/1 and to win the NFC South division at -125.

The Saints to win the Super Bowl at 8/1 odds is some very good value.  One of the primary reasons for what we believe to be relatively long odds for a team that should dominate in 2011-2012 is the notion that Reggie Bush’s departure will hurt the Saints.   We won’t play down the impact, but New Orleans is still a championship caliber team without him.

The future of New Orleans is Mark Ingram.

Jake Martin of the Bleacher Report writes:

Ingram has one thing going for him that Bush didn’t: He played in the SEC. Ingram rushed week in and week out against the best players in college in the best conference in the nation, so he sort of knows what it’s like to endure a grinding season.

Ingram possesses both power and speed, plus finishes off runs with the best of them. Bush made a lot of special plays for the Saints over his tenure in New Orleans, but I have reason to believe Ingram will make more.

New Orleans during the offseason improved their defensive line, added depth in the secondary and brought on a bunch of talented free agents.

"I think that what we have built here, our organization, is a culture that guys want to be a part of," Brees said. "Back in 2006, we were in a situation where you had to over-pay or you had to figure out creative ways to get guys here. This place didn't have the best reputation. Guys weren't jumping to come to a city that was under water for the past six months (after Hurricane Katrina).

"I look at what we've been able to accomplish as a team, and the types of guys we've brought in here, and this family atmosphere that we have built and I think guys take notice around the league. Guys want to be a part of that."

New Orleans schedule includes facing two opponents in their own division (Tampa Bay and Atlanta) that also look like early Playoffs favorites. 

While the Saints will play a few solid teams at home, the only real challenge (at least on paper) when it comes to playing on the road will be against division rivals and their first game in Green Bay.  The other five away games will be against lowly division team the Carolina Panthers and four teams expected to finish the regular season under .500 including the Vikings, Jaguars and Rams.  That being said, the OVER 10 regular season wins looks like a winner, but at a hefty price of -140.


Future Betting Value Index:

Saints to win the 2012 Super Bowl 8/1 – Very Good

Saints to win the 2012 NFC South -125 – Good

Saints to win OVER 10 games at -140 - Good


- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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