Nebraska vs. Kansas State Line Moves To -11

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Ean Lamb
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Nebraska vs. Kansas State

Having opened at Cornhuskers -12, the Nebraska vs. Kansas State line has moved to -11 Wednesday and we could see another half point drop before this game goes off Thursday night.

Here were your Nebraska vs. Kansas State line moves as seen at over the course of this week:

10/03/10 9:00:11 PM12/-110 (Open)OFF

10/05/10 9:40:10 AM12/-11051 -110 (Open)

10/05/10 11:50:10 AM12/-11052 -110

10/05/10 5:40:10 PM12/-11051 -110

10/05/10 7:10:10 PM11.5/-11051 -110

10/06/10 11:00:11 AM11.5/-11050.5 -110

10/06/10 1:20:13 PM11.5/-11050 -110

10/06/10 10:20:11 PM11/-11050 -110

While Nebraska a huge road favorite here due to its number 6 ranking, Kansas State comes into this game at 4-0.

Nebraska has covered the spread against Kansas State in three of their last four games, however, they failed to do so last season.

The Cornhuskers are 1-6 over the last 3 seasons as a 10.5 to 25 point favorite.

The Nebraska vs. Kansas State line can be bet at  Remember, they are paying out 50 percent on your first bet if it is a winner.  Ean Lamb reporting.    

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