Most Popular Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets – First Scoring Play, Safety, MVP, More

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Jordan Bach
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Most Popular Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets – First Scoring Play, Safety, MVP, More

The most popular Super Bowl 50 prop bets include the coin toss (probably the single most popular), player to be named MVP and a host of scoring plays, according to our friends at, which has been serving the sports betting community for just under 20 years now.

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It used to be that people laughed when the subject of a safety came up but not any longer as in two of the past three Super Bowls there has been a safety, relayed.  

And two years ago when the Denver Broncos played the Seattle Seahawks the first scoring play of the game was a safety. You can get odds of 6-1 on there being a safety in Super Bowl 50.

The odds on the first team to score favor the Carolina Panthers are they are listed as the -140 favorite while the odds on will there be a score in the first 6.5 minutes favor the No at -120.

“It was just 25 years ago that Super Bowl props accounted for less than 5% of the Super Bowl handle at the online sportsbook but that is not the case today,” the online sportsbook notes.  “Super Bowl prop bets at some sportsbooks account for more than half of the Super Bowl handle.”

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