Mobile Betting on the 2013 Super Bowl – In Play Wagering Right to the Last Play

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Dan Shapiro
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Mobile Betting on the 2013 Super Bowl – In Play Wagering Right to the Last Play

If you are looking for mobile in-play or in-game betting on the 2013 Super Bowl, look no further than BetOnline, which was also offering up to $900 in FREE WAGERS for new customers. 


It’s no secret in the online gambling sector that BetOnline is by far one of the best when it comes to mobile betting and live wagering.

“They have a sick number of people on staff who will be taking these in-play bets and posting lines throughout the game right up to the final second,” noted Payton O’Brien, who heads up the website.

“Gambling9111 is one of the more prominent websites on search each Super Bowl and one of the phenomenons that has occurred over the past two Super Bowls is that traffic will continue to soar with constant spikes right through the game.  It used to be that people would stop betting just before the game was about to start then we would see a bit of a surge during half time.”

Mobile, with the added component of the live wagering, has changed that.

“People can place bets right from the stadium,” added O’Brien.

BetOnline was offering tons of Super Bowl 2013 prop bets including the usual entertainment odds on the time it takes to sing the National Anthem, first song sung during the Halftime Show and the color of the Gatorade bath, not to mention the coin toss bet. 

- Dan Shapiro,

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