Minnesota Vikings Betting Odds 2009 (Updated)

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Mary Montgomery
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Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre

The verdict is in and everyone is saying that Brett Favre changes the whole scheme of things in Minnesota.  That may be true but oddsmakers immediately offered up Minnesota Vikings betting odds all the way down to 7-1 in some places from a 20/1 plus long shot to win the 2010 Super Bowl.  Sportsbetting.com still had the Vikings odds of winning the Super Bowl at a more realistic 12/1 in Gambling911.com's opinion.

The Vikings will perform good but we're not jumping on the Minnesota Favre Super Bowl wagon just yet. 

Favre is getting older and he's prone to making interceptions (i.e. 22 last season). 

While we don't think this is going to be a division filled with dominant teams, the NFC North is looking to be among the most competitive and our belief is that Detroit will be able to scrape up enough wins to near .500. 

The Vikings are a -130 favorite to win OVER 9 ½ 2009 regular season games and have EVEN odds of winning UNDER that number.  Don't be surprised if they win 9 regular season games or less.   There is the Pat and Kevin Williams court matter that could leave the Vikings without its nose tackle and defensive tackle for four games apiece. 

Minnesota pays $13 for every $8 bet if they win the 2009 NFC North division incidentally. 

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com 

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