Michael Vick will Play in Week 3: Eagles Odds Stay Pat

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Michael Vick

For those thinking that news of Michael Vick being reinstated to play during the 2009 regular season starting with Week 3 might help Philadelphia's odds of winning the 2010 Super Bowl sore, nothing much has changed.

Sports Interaction continued to hold Philadelphia at +1000 for a potential payout of $1000 on every $100 bet if they do win the Super Bowl.

Before Thursday, the conditional reinstatement would last no longer than Week Six. 

Goodell said that Vick is "Demonstrating his commitment and will use better judgment going forward. We are looking for a success story here."

Now all the talk is starting to focus on a potential quarterback controversy brewing in Philadelphia.

Donovan McNabb faced the media on Monday after venting about last Thursday night's preseason game whereby the offense was unable to establish a rhythm, due to the periodic use of quarterback Mike Vick.

During that appearance, McNabb implied that the use of Vick was a "gimmick". 

Dan Levy of the Washington Post insists there will be a quarterback controversy.

Let me be perfectly clear when I say this, having lived in the Philadelphia market for most of my life. There will be a quarterback controversy by the end of the season.

Philadelphia fans love the backup quarterback more than any other city. The jersey is always greener on the guy holding the clipboard. Heck, the backup quarterback is so beloved in this city, we play a Thanksgiving football game every year and one guy shows up wearing an AJ Feely jersey.

Not only did they make AJ Feely jerseys, people in Philadelphia actually purchased them. And still wear them in public.

The oddsmakers are convinced that Philadelphia will win more than 10 regular season games in 2009.    They have the line listed at -200.  Considering they are neck and neck favorites to win the division with the New York Giants, oddmakers have given New York similar odds of winning UNDER 10 games during the 2009 regular season.

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