Michael Vick Odds: Where Will He Play Next?

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Michael Vick

The UFL:  That might be disgraced and jailed former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's best hope according to ESPN.  Vick is free to sign with any NFL team as of July 20.

"There's a lot of hesitation out there. As teams await commissioner Roger Goodell's ruling, one expectation is that Goodell will conditionally reinstate Vick, allowing him to go to someone's camp, but withhold a final ruling until, say, Sept. 1, the first day of mandatory roster cut-downs.

"Even if an NFL team comes forward with an opportunity, Vick may have a better option: the United Football League, which is scheduled to begin play in October.

"The UFL is an upstart league headed by its commissioner, Michael Huyghue, a former NFL executive. It has sufficient funding, a smart plan and credibility. The head coaches of the four franchises in 2009 all are former NFL coaches: Jim Fassel (Las Vegas), Dennis Green (San Francisco), Ted Cottrell (New York) and Jim Haslett (Orlando).

"Vick's rights already have been assigned to Orlando, even though Huyghue has not given the official green light to Vick, avoiding any appearance of upstaging Goodell.

"Nevertheless, if Vick is shut out by the NFL, either by commissioner's decision or by 32 teams with cold feet, it's expected the UFL will provide him an opportunity."


In August of 2007, Hours after Vick plead guilty to federal charges in the Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting investigation under a plea agreement which outlined gruesome details regarding treatment of the dogs, the NFL suspended him indefinitely without pay. In a letter to Vick, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that Vick had admitted to conduct that was "not only illegal, but also cruel and reprehensible." While Vick is technically a first-time offender under the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy, Goodell handed down a harsher suspension because Vick admitted that he provided most of the money for the gambling side of the operation. The NFL does not allow its players to be involved in any form of gambling, and even first-time offenders risk being banned for life. However, Goodell did leave open the possibility of reinstating Vick depending on how well he cooperated with federal and state authorities.

BetUS.com offered a whole bunch of Michael Vick odds beginning two months ago. They no longer appear on the site, though it is possible you can still request the latest odds.  While there you can bet on the next NFL player to get caught using Twitter from the field

What team will sign Michael Vick?


* New England Patriots 3/1

* St. Louis Rams 5/1

* New Orleans Saints 6/1

* Oakland Raiders 7/1

* Buffalo Bills 9/2

* San Francisco 49ers 7/1

* Seattle Seahawks 10/1

* Any CFL Team 6/1

* No Team 7/1

* Any Other 3/1


How many NFL games will Vick play in 2009?


* 0 7/1

* 1 5/1

* 2 6/1

* 3 3/1

* 4 5/1

* 5 5/1

* 6 11/2

* 7 6/1

* 8+ 5/1


Will Vick's team make the playoffs?


* Yes 5/6

* No 5/6


Will PETA protest his first NFL game?


* Yes 5/1


Odds he returns to the NFL:


* Yes 1/3

* No 2/1


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