Meat Pie Eating Goal Keeper Resigns Following Bet Stunt, FA Probe

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  • Goalie resigns “in tears” from Sutton FC after learning of the FA and Gambling Commission investigation
  • Bookmaker had offered 8-1 odds on whether overweight goalie Wayne Shaw would be filmed eating a meat pie on the sidelines
  • Sutton FC boss: "It's clear in FA rules that you're not allowed to bet - and whether it was a fun bet, or whatever it was, it wasn't acceptable"
  • Fans outraged by treatment of Shaw planning meat pie eating support during key moments of some games

A reserve goalie for Sutton FC has resigned “in tears” after he was videotaped eating a meat pie on the sidelines as part of a bet stunt.  The resignation comes after it was revealed the Football Association had initiated an investigation into the matter, which is loosely being dubbed as “piegate’.

A bookmaker had been offering 8-1 odds that the heavyset reserve, 45-year-old Wayne Shaw, would be eating a meat pie on camera. 

"What happened didn't make us look very professional," said Sutton boss Paul Doswell.

"It's something that we've dealt with quickly as a club," he told Sky News on Monday. "Wayne himself offered his resignation to the chairman this afternoon, which has been accepted.

"It's a very sad end to what has been a very good story."

Shaw admitted that he was aware of the betting promotion prior to eating the pie but does not believe he violated any FA rules.

"We are told we are not allowed to gamble as it is full-time professional football," Shaw told BBC Radio 4's World at One programme. "In no way did I put anyone in jeopardy of that - this is not the case here, this is just a bit of fun and me being hungry."

The Gambling Commission confirmed they were looking into whether there was any "irregularity in the betting market and establishing whether the operator has met its licence requirement to conduct its business with integrity".

"It's clear in FA rules that you're not allowed to bet - and whether it was a fun bet, or whatever it was, it wasn't acceptable," Doswell noted.

"Obviously we were very concerned with the implication that the club, myself, my assistant Ian Baird or anyone else had been involved in the decision-making.

"It's been very disappointing, there's no doubt about that. I woke up this morning to this sorm of criticism.

"It's with a very heavy heart, because he was a good friend of mine, but I think the board felt they had no other choice."

The move has outraged football fans and footballers alike throughout Great Britain.

Scottish Premiership football club Rangers fans have been urged to munch pies at their next game as a show of respect for sacked Sutton goalie Wayne Shaw.

Gers fans have been asked to eat a pie during the eighth minute of the game, a reference to the 8-1 odds available on Shaw eating a pie at the Arsenal match.

Others have condemned Sun Bets, the only bookmaker that had offered the odds on Shaw.  Sun Bets is the betting arm of British newspaper, The Sun.

-  Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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