Man Wins With Record 21 Straight NFL Picks in Streak Contest

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C Costigan
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Hoa Nguyen, aka "Tony," is the first winner of their $25,000 Streak Challenge grand prize. 

“Tony” selected the Tennessee/Florida U50, which appeared to be well in the bag until the Vols kicked a field goal with under a minute left to tie the game 20-20. Presumably going to overtime, the Gators completed a Hail Mary 63-yard touchdown pass for the win, and preserved the under for our contestant. 

"We extend our utmost congratulations to Tony, our first-ever $25,000 Streak Challenge winner. Picking a handful of games in a row correctly is no easy feat, but to string together 21 straight is a record few can say they've achieved. Tony certainly had a few close calls during the streak, which makes this story even more exciting, but his overall handicapping of the selections, particularly the MLB totals, was quite impressive. We look forward to awarding our next$25,000 Streak Challenge winner."

You can find the pick history and more information here:

The 20th win was on 9/14, White Sox +1.5 (they won 17-7)

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