Man United Specials Betting 2011 Premier League Season

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Man United Specials Betting 2011 Premier League Season

Man United specials betting for 2011 featured such options as Next Permanent Manager, Trophy Multipliers, Top League Goalscorer, Season Points, Finishing Position, Ferguson in Charger, Last Day of Season, Derby Double, Total August Goals, Total August points, and a whole lot more.  *Not all betting options available at (no USA players please).

120x60 £

Top league goalscorer promises to be one of the most wagered on Manchester United specials with Javier Hernandez listed at 11/8 odds at  Wayne Rooney had 6/4 odds.  Dimitar Berbatov was listed at 7/2 odds. 

Sir Alex Ferguson has ordered Hernandez to rest for the remainder of August due to issues with migraines and dizziness.  Looking towards the 2011-2012 Premier League season, the 11/8 odds on Hernandez do not appear to have a whole lot of value.

Because of these health concerns, Ferguson will have seven strikers on hand, each with a chance to bulk up their goal count.

“I am not unhappy with seven strikers,” Ferguson said.  “Some clubs would love to have seven,' said Ferguson. 'There is a difficulty in terms of managing the situation in the sense of the number of games they can get. But I've got those players, so I'll get on with it. And we'll compensate by making sure they train well. I expect them all to be here at the end of the transfer window.

'You might get an injury down the road. At the moment I've no intention of changing.'

Man United was listed with 7/4 odds of winning the Premier League Championship this season while Chelsea came in at 5/2 odds.  Man City remained at 3/1 odds. 

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