What is the Payout if Justin Reid, Juan Thornhill, Trent McDuffie Have an Interception? Super Bowl 57

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Don Shapiro
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The interceptions are among the biggest payouts in any Super Bowl.  Justin Reid, Juan Thornhill and Trent McDuffie each pay between $75 and $80 on a $10 bet to have at least one interception.


Rot     Justin Reid (KC) to Record an Interception     Moneyline
8071     Yes         +800
8072     No         -1800
All wagers have action.
Rot     Juan Thornhill (KC) to Record an Interception     Moneyline
8073     Yes         +750
8074     No         -1600
All wagers have action.
Rot     Trent McDuffie (KC) to Record an Interception     Moneyline
8075     Yes         +800
8076     No         -1800

The odds of an interception happening are pretty good but the opportunities are limited.

Patrick Mahomes has had the 9th most number of interceptions in his Super Bowl career.  He's appeared in two so far and has suffered through two interceptions.  

Reid had zero interceptions in 2022 but does have seven in his career. McDuffie hasn't had an interception either in 2022.

Thornhill, on the other hand, has three for the season.  That's only resulted in a half point reduction in the payout.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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