Jets-Patriots Betting Line at Between -11.5 and -13: Bet Both Sides

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Mary Montgomery
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Jets-Patriots Betting Line at Between -11.5 and -13:  Bet Both Sides

The Jets-Patriots betting line presented a decent middling opportunity whereby you could bet the +13 on New York at and -11.5 on New England at Bookmaker.

Here is a situation where one can win with both bets should the Patriots win by 12 points.

That’s actually a pretty good number all things considered.

While it’s true New England has not beaten the Jets by exactly 12 points in this series over the past 10 meetings, there are combinations that can lead to this margin of victory that do make sense.

New England scores 3 touchdowns – New York scores 3 field goals – Final score: 21-9.

The Patriots could score 4 field goals and keep the Jets scoreless for a 12-0 victory.

The Jets score 2 touchdowns.  New England scores 2 touchdowns plus 4 field goals.

These are just a few of the combinations.  We did have a few safeties this past weekend that might also fit into the equation.  But, all in all, the number 12 is a decent number in terms of margin of victory.  Middling this number always has some degree of value.


- Mary Montgomery,

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