Is It Legal to Bet on The Super Bowl Online From Georgia?

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While only one U.S. state (Washington State) strictly prohibits residents from placing wagers via the Internet, there is still a myriad of information one should be aware of prior to placing a Super Bowl bet from within the state of Georgia.  Scroll Down For More


Bets will be placed amongst friends at parties, amongst co-workers, and - yes - even in High Schools and Colleges across America.  Online gambling sites at least have protective mechanisms in place to prevent those under the age of 18 from opening an online wagering account.  If not for folks betting on the big game, it would probably have half the viewership.  It's no secret Super Bowl weekend is the busiest of the year in Las Vegas and all the sportsbooks make a killing there.

One needs to be careful not to place bets with organized groups that may be linked to criminal factions. Last year around this time the Fairfax County Virginia Police Department traced illegal online gambling activity back to the two Georgia homes.  Frank Michael House was arrested and charged with felony commercial gambling, two counts of possession of oxycodone, possession of methylene, possession of MDMA, possession of Deca and sustanon steroids and possession of drug-related items.  Notice the lack of gambling charges when compared with others (i.e. the drugs).  That's because typically these organized betting syndicates engage in unlawful actitivies other than just gambling, and nobody wants to get ensnared in that mess.

When betting online from the Peach Tree State, it is important to do so with sites such as those endorsed by Gambling911.com and other well established industry monitoring websites.  You will never be asked to provide your full social security number to any of these websites (some will only ask for the last four digits) and, while these companies are not obligated to report tax information to your state or federal government, Gambling911.com strongly encourages you to do so.

It should be noted that some credit card-issuing banks prohibit gambling so do not be scared if your credit card happens to be declined when attempting to open an online wagering account (it does not mean you were late paying or that your card has been compromised).  Most online gambling websites offer live chat online or via the phone to guide you through the process.  Today, the use of cryptocurrency wallets (i.e. Bitcoin) linked to your personal bank account has made placing a deposit and requesting a withdrawal nearly seamless.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are easily converted into U.S. dollars for the same amount you are trying to send and receive with only a small fluctuation in price either way possible (similar to the currency exchange rate you experience when traveling overseas).  Again, most Web gambling firms have invested heavily in hiring professionals who can guide you through the process.

The state of Georgia makes Aggravated Gambling a felony.  These laws pertain to professional gambling syndicates.  

When it comes to bookmaking in the state of Georgia, the use of Pay Per Head businesses has helped reduce much of the exposures that have gotten bookies in trouble in the past.  These include the use of wire rooms, betting receipts and the actual acceptance of wagers.  Today, everything is handled via outsourcing.  The world's second oldest professional now primarily entails marketing, a little bit of customer service and ensuring all clients are paid in a timely matter.  They are essentially super affiliates, capable of making signficant more money than in the past thanks to the ability to offer such features as LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING and a live dealer online casino.  Cryptocurrencies remove that last remaining exposure - overseeing payments - as bookies and agents no longer have to physically pay their customers from within the state of Georgia. 

While it may be tempting, a bookmaker operating from Brunswick, GA should never directly accept bets from someone living in Jacksonville, FL as this presents additional problems beyond individual state laws and into the realm of federal violations.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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