Green Bay Packers Draft Needs and Odds

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Don Shapiro
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Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers draft needs include a left tackle, outside linebacker and a cornerback.  The left tackle top prospects will likely be gone however by the time Green Bay gets to them.

Nonetheless, consider their wants and the strengths of this NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers might be sitting in a favorable spot when their No. 23 pick overall comes up late Thursday, according to the Green Bay Gazette. 

Those linebackers available could include Texas' Sergio Kindle, TCU's Jerry Hughes and maybe even Michigan's Brandon Graham, the paper reports.

Potential cornerbacks include the likes of Rutgers' Devin McCourty, Florida State's Patrick Robinson and Alabama's Kareem Jackson.

TCU's outside linebacker Jerry Hughes probably has the best shot of coming to Green Bay.

"I think they'd take Hughes over the corners," an NFL scout who has a long history of monitoring the Packers told the Gazette. "You need that position, get me the guy that gets the quarterback on the ground, that's the guy I want. I can find the cover guy, give me the guy that gets the quarterback on the ground."

The Packers stand a very solid chance of winning their division in 2010-2011 assuming Brett Favre doesn't return.  And, if he does, they still stand a good shot of winning. had the Packers with 7/1 odds of winning the NFC North at press time Thursday night but jump on these odds now.  They were about to come off the board, perhaps ahead of Thursday night's NFL Draft. 

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