Giants vs. Chiefs Line Chance to Bet Both Teams and Win

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Dan Shapiro
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Giants vs. Chiefs Line

It's true!  You can actually bet the Giants vs. Chiefs line at two different books and both teams with the potential of winning both sides.  This is called "middling" and it's an edge given to sports bettors when lines vary an entire point at different online sportsbooks.

In this case, we have the following scenario that was available late Saturday evening and MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR LONG SO YOU WILL WANT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY IMMEDIATELY.

Sports Interaction had Kansas City at +9 1/2 while had the line at New York -8 1/2.

What you as a sports bettor will want is for the game to fall on the number "9" and this is actually an excellent number for middling.  Of course, in this situation it is the Giants that must win by 9 points.

A three field goal win or the less likely two field goals and a safety would equal the 9 points. 

Middling opportunities are hard to come by and even harder to win, but when they do, the rewards are fantastic with very nominal risk.  You are just paying the vig on the favorite in the end if the middling opportunity fails to materialize. 

This game is extremely lopsided besides being the most bet on of the weekend.  The Giants are getting over 90 percent of the action on the spread and the -400 line to win outright. 

The money line might be worth a shot even with the steep price to pay.  You would have to wager $40 just to win $10 (the $40 is returned should the Giants win).  You can bet $80 to win $20 and so on.  You can also bet $400 to win $100.

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