Gay Doritos Ad Will Pay $55: Super Bowl Commercial Betting

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Sparky Collins
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Gay Doritos Ad

The series of gay-themed Doritos ads supposedly will not air on Super Bowl Sunday….though we at say “Don’t be surprised if they do”. Doritos is listed with +550 odds to win highest rated commercial based on the USA Today Ad Meter for the Super Bowl Commercial Betting option at

Religious groups in particular objected to the Doritos ads

It is equal opportunity for Fox Sports, however, as they also rejected a Christian group’s proposed Super Bowl commercial featuring the Bible verse John 3:16.

Frito-Lay director of public relations Chris Kuechenmeister told the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation the two gay-themed ads were part of a 5,600 total commercial submissions to the company from fans for its “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.  (see ads here)

He told the Alliance the ads were not among the finalists chosen by a panel of judges and have no chance of airing during the Super Bowl or otherwise.

The Doritos ads have become Super Bowl staples in recent years. 

In addition to Doritos, here are your Super Bowl Commercial Betting odds courtesy of

Bud Light pays $27.50 for every $10 bet. pays $100 for every $10 bet.

Pepsi Max pays $60

Skechers pays $120

Teleflora pays $150

Field (Any Other Commerical Not Mentioned Above Including eTrade) pays $25 for every $10 bet.

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