Funny NFL Draft Props for Dogs, Hugs, Trades and Primary Color of Caleb Williams Nail Polish

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The NFL Draft now ranks as the most heavily bet "non-competitive" event on the sports calendar every year.


Round 1 of the draft is expected to attract more wagers than the NBA and NHL playoff games combined Thursday. has expanded its NFL Draft menu significantly this year, offering more than 1,000 options, and there are some really funny ones on the board.

From predicting who the top pick will hug first to guessing the number of dogs or cats seen in draftees' homes, you can wager on just about anything.

Perhaps the best prop, in our opinion, pits Bill Belichick against Nick Saban. Both are sitting in as broadcast analysts this year, and you can wager on which one will crack a smile first.

Trade props for picks and current players are also available. And, of course, everyone will be interested Caleb Williams’ choice of nail polish on his big day.


What will happen first during broadcasts?

Nick Saban smiles -150

Bill Belichick smiles +110


Which highlight will ESPN broadcast show first?

Luke Maye UNC basketball +550

Marvin Harrison Sr. NFL -1000


Will Jim Harbaugh draft a Michigan player?

Yes +150

No -200


How many dogs will be shown during Round 1?

Over/Under 2


How many cats will be shown during Round 1?

Over/Under 1


Primary color of Caleb Williams nail polish

Black +150

Orange +200

White +500

Pink +600

Blue +700

Green +1000


Who will No. 1 overall pick hug first?               

Mom +125

Dad +150

Girlfriend +600

Agent +1000


Will No. 1 overall pick cry?

Yes +700

No -2000


Who will be traded first during NFL Draft?                    

Brandon Aiyuk +200

Alvin Kamara +300

Courtland Sutton +400

DeAndre Hopkins +500

Tee Higgins +600

A.J. Brown +800


How many trades will there be in Round 1?

Over/Under 5.5


How many trades will there be in the Top 10 picks of Round 1?

Over/Under 2


Will a team's draft spot be moved back for missing pick?

Yes +1000

No -3300

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