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Cross sport props for any Super Bowl involve a mix of a particular occurence in the Super Bowl along with one from another sport being played out at some point during that day.

Some of the below examples include the WM Phoenix Open, NBA games and even the price of Dogecoin Price (US Cents), each coupled with a Super Bowl happening.

These are essentially two-team parlays and most pay in the area of -115 to +200 odds.  -115 means you would bet $11.50 to win (or profit) $10 and receive that $11.50 back just as long as the bet is a winner. 

One of the more lopsided cross-prop Super Bowl bets is this:

Super Bowl LVII Total Safeties Scored                             -900

Double Eagles (Albatross) at WM Phoenix Open 2023     +500

Here, Double Eagles at the WM Phoenix Open pays $50 on a $10 bet.


2023 Super Bowl Cross Bet Props


Jalen Hurts Total Passing Touchdowns               -115

Total Rounds Spivac vs Lewis                             -115


Age of Winner at WM Phoenix Open                  -175

Philadelphia Eagles Total Team Points                +145


Super Bowl LVII Total Safeties Scored                             -900

Double Eagles (Albatross) at WM Phoenix Open 2023     +500


Patrick Mahomes Total Pass Attempts               -215

Total Eagles at WM Phoenix Open 2023             +175


Winning Score WM Phoenix Open 2023             -175

Jalen Hurts Total Passing Yards                          +145


Lowest 18 Hole Score at WM Phoenix Open 2023           -215

Jalen Hurts Total Rushing Yards                                     +175


Super Bowl LVII Total Points                              -130

Jaylen Brown FG% against Grizzlies                    +100


Super Bowl LVII 1st Half Total Points                  -115

Total Goals NHL February 12th                          -115


Super Bowl LVII 1st Quarter Total Points            -140

Dogecoin Price (US Cents)                                 +110


Kansas City Chiefs Total Team Points                  -140

Vegas Golden Knight's PP % vs Anaheim Ducks   +110


Super Bowl LVII Total Field Goals Made              -115

Total Goals Man C vs Aston V                             -115


Super Bowl LVII Total Touchdowns                     -130

1st Half Corners Liverpool vs Everton                 +100


Super Bowl LVII Total Punts                               -160

Total Goals EDM Oilers at MTL Canadiens          +130


Winning Post Position Number Kentucky Derby 2023     -135

Super Bowl LVII Total Accepted Penalties                       +105


Alexander Ovechkin Total Pts vs SJ Sharks          -115

Super Bowl LVII Total Interceptions                    -115


Super Bowl LVII Total Sacks                                           -125

Total 2 MIN Penalties by PHI Flyers on Feb. 12th            -105


Patrick Mahomes Total Pass Completions                       -120

Ja Morant Total Points at BOS Celtics Feb. 12th              -110


Highest 4 Round Score at the US Masters 2023   -160

Patrick Mahomes Total Passing Yards                 +130


Jaylen Brown Made 3 Point FGs vs MEM Grizzlies           -145

Patrick Mahomes Total Passing Touchdowns                  +115


Jalen Hurts Total Pass Completions                    -130

San Antonio Spurs Regular Season Wins             +100


Jalen Hurts Total Touchdowns               -160

Games Going to OT in NHL Feb. 12th     +130


Highest Single Round Score at the Masters 2023 -115

Travis Kelce Total Receiving Yards                      -115

- Ean Lamb,

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