Exotic Super Bowl Prop Bets for 2015 – Super Bowl 49

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Mary Montgomery
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Exotic Super Bowl Prop Bets for 2015 – Super Bowl 49

The online sportsbooks have plenty of exotic Super Bowl prop bets for 2015, some of which are perennial favorites while others are specific to this year’s event.

The perennial favorites include everyone’s favorite that employs zero strategy: the coin toss bet.

BetDSI.com has betting on heads or tails, team that wins or loses the coin toss, and whether the team that wins the coin toss wins the game.  The prices are typically slightly higher than EVEN (between -102 and -115). 

The color of the Gatorade show, time it takes to sing the National Anthem and the first song sung during the Half Time Show are some more perennial exotic super Bowl prop bet favorites.

This year we have a few unique prop bets.

The Color of Bill Belichick’s hoodie?

Who would have thought a Bill Belichick prop wager would garner so much attention, but this is among the most popular so far heading into the big game.

There are actually stats on the Pats head coach record based on which hoodie he wore during that particular game.

Grey is the favorite.  Grey hoodie with sleeves his record is a pretty amazing 18-2 in case you were wondering.

Remarkably, there is also a prop bet pertaining to whether or not Belichick will smile on camera.  He’s favored not to.  With a win, there’s a good chance he might and the payout would be $15 for every $10 bet.

One of the more popular specialty prop bets for Super Bowl 49 may end up paying out even before the game takes place.

Will Marshawn Lynch be fined for any incident that occurs during Media Day?

At Wednesday's media availability, Lynch wore another hat with the Beast Mode logo, with different colors. His Wednesday appearance lasted about five minutes.  The NFL makes clear to players hat they cannot wear brands that conflict with league partners on the field during games and during postgame interviews and, as such, are now mulling over whether to slap the charismatic Seahawks player with a fine.

Then there’s this:

Will Marshawn Lynch grab his crotch after scoring a TD in the game?


Yes (+400)



No (-600)



This is one of the reasons why the NFL fined him in the first place.

And, last but certainly not least, you knew this one was coming.  How many times will “Deflated” Balls be said to during the game?

- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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