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Tyrone Black
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Both hhe Eagles and Chiefs total punts for Super Bowl 57 was listed at 3.5 with both sides priced at -115.  You won't be making a windfall on this one.  The Over and Under each require an $11.50 bet to win $10 with that $11.50 returned just as long as your wager wins.

In 2022, the Eagles average number of punts per game were 3.29.  The Chiefs average number of punts per game were 3.12.

The total punts for the game for both teams combined was coming in at 7.5.  The Over here pays out $12.50 on a $10 bet.

In case you were wondering, the New York Giants have kicked the most punts by a team in a Super Bowl, with 11 punts in Super Bowl XXXV versus the Ravens on January 28, 2001.


Related Prop Bets Super Bowl 57

Rot     Total Kickoffs     Moneyline
1133     Over  11½  Kickoffs     +125
1134     Under  11½  Kickoffs     -155

Rot     Total Touchbacks     Moneyline
1183     Over  7½  Touchbacks     -110
1184     Under  7½  Touchbacks     -120
Rot     Any Punt Result in Touchback     Moneyline
1185     Yes         +140
1186     No         -170
Rot     Opening Kickoff to Be a Touchback?     Moneyline
1201     Yes         -180
1202     No         +150

Rot     1st Punt of the Game Outcome     Moneyline
1241     Caught Clearly         -300
1242     Ball Hits Ground         +450
1243     Touchback         +450
1244     Out of Bounds in Air         +800
1245     Blocked or Tipped         +1200

Rot     1st Drive Outcome     Moneyline
1253     Punt         -105
1254     Offensive Touchdown         +270
1255     Field Goal Attempt         +350
1256     Any Other Outcome         +550

Rot     Team to Receive Opening Kick-Off     Moneyline
2001     Chiefs         -115
2002     Eagles         -115

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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