Donald Trump Super Bowl Bets

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Dan Shapiro
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Donald Trump Super Bowl Bets

What would this year’s Super Bowl be without a few good Donald Trump Super Bowl prop bets?

Our friends at BetOnline have some doozies as they managed to tie in the upcoming New Hampshire Primaries to this weekend’s big game.

Cam Newton to Score the First Touchdown Pass + Donald Trump Wins the NH Primary is one such prop bet.  It pays $12 for every $10 bet.

Also available:  Which will be higher, The Donald’s Percentage Points in the New Hampshire Primary or Cam Newton’s Pass Attempts in SB50?

Trump pays $15.50 for every $10 bet in that particular prop.

Some books were offering odds on the number of times Donald Trump is mentioned during Sunday’s game.  We here at have had a tough time locating that particular prop bet anywhere though.

The TD Pass + New Hampshire Primaries Win prop bet is not just reserved from Trump. 

Check out the odds below matching each of the candidates.

Enhanced Value Parlays

1st TD Pass + New Hampshire Primaries

08:00 PM


Cam 1st TD Pass + Trump





Cam 1st TD Pass + Cruz





Cam 1st TD Pass + Kasich





Cam 1st TD Pass + Rubio





Cam 1st TD Pass + Bush





Cam 1st TD Pass + Christie





Peyton 1st TD Pass + Trump





Peyton 1st TD Pass + Cruz





Peyton 1st TD Pass + Kasich





Peyton 1st TD Pass + Rubio





Peyton 1st TD Pass + Bush





Peyton 1st TD Pass + Christie





Cam 1st TD Pass + Sanders





Cam 1st TD Pass + Clinton





Peyton 1st TD Pass + Sanders





Peyton 1st TD Pass + Clinton




- Dan Shapiro,

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