Denver Broncos 2009 Betting Odds

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Mary Montgomery
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Denver Broncos 2009 Betting Odds

The Denver Broncos have pretty much all but been written off heading into the 2009 regular season.  They were listed with 11/2 odds of winning the 2009 AFC West for a payout potential of a little over $500 for every $100 bet.

In their preseason outing against the San Francisco 49ers, Kyle Orton threw three interceptions.  It was his backup, Chris Simms, however, who nearly saved the game.

"I feel very confident where we're at," new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said after the game. "He (Orton) made a few mistakes, but we're not going to go into this thing after the first preseason game and start tailspinning and doing this and that and making knee-jerk reactions."

The quarterback situation in Denver is likely to cause problems.  With the departure of long time coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback Jay Cutler forcing a trade to the Chicago Bears, this is going to be a transition year for the Broncos. 

Not only do the Broncos have a new coach and quarterback, they also have different offensive and defensive systems of play.  The defense, in particular, could prove brutal (and unfortunately not for any of their opponents). 

The best Denver Broncos 2009 betting odds might be on how many regular season wins the team will have.  They have even odds of winning more than 6 ½ games but the -120 favorite is the UNDER on that number.

Not all is lost in Denver.  Simms may ultimately end up the starting quarterback and the offense is potent enough to win some games.  Outside of San Diego, this is still considered among the weaker divisions.

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