Dallas Cowboys 2009 Odds: Could Be Best In Division

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Dallas Cowboys 2009 Odds

It's a horse race between the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles to win the 2009 NFC East.  While most experts will have us believing that New York or Philadelphia have the best odds of winning, one should not count out the Dallas Cowboys in 2009 and beyond into the post season.  Gambling911.com thinks this team will land there.

What are the NFC East 2009 Odds?

The Dallas Cowboys would pay out $215 on every $100 bet at Bookmaker.com.           

The New York Giants would pay $190.
The Philadelphia Eagles would pay $175.
The Washington Redskins would pay out $585.

We believe the only thing stopping Dallas from winning this division outside of the obvious competition is the Cowboys themselves, a la locker room tensions and quarterback Tony Romo's inability to truly lead up until this point.  Terrell Owens departure from the team might help improve things in this area however.

Otherwise, make no mistake about it, the Dallas Cowboys on paper look to be among the best teams in the league.   Their odds of winning the 2010 Super Bowl have been set at +1300 or 13/1.  Compare that with the 3/1 odds they opened with last season.

Here are some reasons why the Dallas Cowboys should win in 2009/2010:

Solid defense

Tony Romo as a proven quarterback

Tag team of very solid running backs in Marion Barber and Felix Jones

Soft first half of season schedule

Roy Williams could turn into this season's playmaker for Dallas

No more Jessica Simpson curse (yeah, we had to throw that one in)

Cowboys fans, tell us what you think.  Comment below this article.  

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