Colts, Titans Get Even Better Following NFL Draft

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Ean Lamb
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The Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans were both looking good coming into the 2010 NFL Draft and both teams looked even better coming out.

The AFC South is once again promising to be one of the most competitive divisions.

The Colts would pay out $70 for every $10 bet to win the 2011 Super Bowl at Sports Interaction.  Tennessee would pay out $330.  Houston would also pay out $330.  Jacksonville would pay out a whopping $700 for every $100 bet.

The Titans and Colts both wanted a productive defensive end, both sat still at their first round pick and both had a talented player who fits them fall in their laps.

Derrick Morgan's got multiple connections with defensive line coach Jim Washburn, and the love fest is on. After losing the high-motor, classy Kyle Vanden Bosch as a free agent, the Titans look to have landed a young version of KVB.

Bill Polian said the Colts have been looking for an extra end for seven years. First-rounder Hughes from TCU looks almost too good to be true in terms of matching up a skill set with a Colts' model for a position. He couldn't have landed in a better spot, playing with and learning from Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.

For the Jaguars the focus was exclusively on improving the defense.

"I have the same feeling about this draft as I did about last year's draft after the draft," director of player personnel Terry McDonoug said. "Obviously our defense we needed to get, up front, a lot more athletic, a lot more explosive. It's no secret that last year we had 14 sacks, which was a league-low in the NFL, and we're going to try to correct that. We took two very explosive defensive tackles with our first two picks, and then we followed it up with two defensive ends after that...

"Offensively coming into this draft we were pretty much set, maybe there were one or two positions. But defensively we knew up front on the defensive line we needed to get a lot of people that can really run and can get after the quarterback, so we feel like we did that."

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