College Football Betting Week 5: Public Favorites

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Carrie Stroup
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College Football Betting Week 5 brings you the College Football Betting Week 5 report, which lets its readers know which teams are getting the most public action.  Some of these lopsided matchups won't hurt too much since betting on certain games is limited.  But when it comes to marquee games and teams getting unbalanced action, the bookies vs. sports bettor duel begins. 

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95 percent or greater action on the spread:

Virginia Tech at -17 (heavy betting)

Tulsa -17

90 percent to 94 percent of the action on the spread:

South Florida -6 ½  (good action)

Toledo -5

Virginia Tech -17 (heavy betting)

Alabama -16 (very heavy betting)

UL Monroe -6 ½

Nevada -5

80 percent to 89 percent of the action on the spread:

Army -6

Clemson -12 ½

Cincinnati U -29 ½

Central Michigan -8

Florida State -4

Washington U +12

Texas Tech -34 ½

Arizona State -5

Baylor -21

Arkansas -1 ½

Houston U -14 ½

Some of the most lopsided money line action (teams expected to win outright) was going towards the following teams:

Virginia Tech -820 (OUCH!!!!!)

Alabama -700 (DOUBLE OUCH!!!)

Tulane +200

East Michigan +225

LSU +145

Penn State -290

Auburn +115

Houston U -600 (OUCH!!!!)

And these money line odds were available at here

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Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter


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