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One of the most popular bets during any Super Bowl is the coin toss and Super bowl LI will be no exception. 

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Believe it or not there are actually strategies in betting the coin toss.  These include seeking out the best price (i.e. some books pay EVEN odds, others set the price at -110, etc…) and there is actually a little bit of historic trends here, albeit they all have to do with chance and maybe some superstitions. 

For example, did you know that for five straight Super Bowls (43 through 47), the coin toss hit heads followed by the last three Super Bowls hitting tails. 

It’s interesting to note that tails has only hit four times straight on two occasions over fifty Super Bowls.  This makes the odds of the coin toss hitting tails for Super Bowl LI rather low.

And then there is this…four of the last five Super Bowls that the Patriots have played in have landed on tails.  Of course this conflicts with the consecutive tails trend discussed above.

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- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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