Cesc Fabregas Not at Arsenal After Summer Transfer Window a 8/13 Odds Favorite

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Alistair Prescott
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Cesc Fabregas Arsenal

Oddsmakers feel strongly that Arsenal’s Cesc Febregas will be leaving that club and probably heading to Barcelona (1/2 odds).  They have made Febregas an 8/13 odds favorite to be out of Arsenal after the summer transfer window has concluded.

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is not exactly happy that Barcelona players continue to speak publicly about a possible Fabregas move.  He is demanding such discussions cease immediately. 

The outrage comes after Barcelona midfielder Xavi posted on the club’s official website regarding the possible Febregas transfer.

"It has to stop of course," Wenger said at a news conference Wednesday. 

"If there's a transfer negotiation between two clubs, I don't think it's healthy that some other players are involved who are not concerned by it.

"Unless he has an official job to do for Barcelona ... I don't see why he can go on the website and make this kind of statement," Wenger said.

Last year, a €35M bid from Barcelona had been rejected.

Just how key is Fabregas?

While he did not play in the League Cup Final, it was his misplaced backheel pass during the second leg of the Champions League game against Barcelona that ultimately kept Arsenal in contention for the league title until a series of draws in the final third of the season caused them to fall too far behind league leaders Manchester United.

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Cesc Febregas was listed with 100/1 odds of being the top Premier League goal scorer.  Bet Here.

Barcelona was at 2 to 1 odds of winning the Champions League. Bet Here.

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com

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