Carolina Panthers Odds to Win 2017 NFC South, 2018 NFC Championship, Super Bowl 52

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The Carolina Panthers odds of winning the NFC South were at +225 for a payout potential of $225 on every $100 bet.  Their odds of winning the NFC Championship were set at 11/1 and their odds of winning Super Bowl 51 were set at 28/1.  Oddsmakers had the Panthers winning 9 regular season games in 2017.

Sports Illustrated’s Andy Benoit expressed concerns over Carolina’s defense:

This front four is more talented inside than outside, which isn’t the best recipe for consistency. Pressure off the edge is usually the steadiest disruptor in pro football. But one thing that stood out with Mario Addison, Charles Johnson and other Panthers defensive ends last year is they used their hands deftly. That reflects well on defensive line coach Eric Washington. Consistent technique from multiple players across the same position group is a sign of quality coaching.

The Panthers are deep at tackle and thin at end, Benoit adds.  How Julius Peppers fits into the scheme remains to be seen, though he should have a positive impact.

Drew Magary of Deadspin.com’s Why Your Team Sucks series seems even less optimistic about the Panthers chances in 2017.

Hey, who would have guessed a team coached by Ron Rivera and dependent on its QB for 99 percent of its yardage would IMMEDIATELY regress back to the mean after a fluke 15-1 season? I could’ve made more money betting on that than betting on Mayweather.

Magary refers to head coach Ron Rivera as a “glorified Best Buy manager”.  OUCH!!!

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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