Can I Use My Visa or Mastercard Credit Card to Bet the Super Bowl 49 Online

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Don Shapiro
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Can I Use My Visa or Mastercard Credit Card to Bet the Super Bowl 49 Online

It is a question we get a lot: Can I use my Visa or Mastercard or any other credit card to bet this year’s Super Bowl online?

The answer is YES in most instances….though it is often discouraged. and other similar online sportsbooks do accept credit cards, however, you cannot be paid for your winning bets on a credit card as this is illegal.

Credit cards are often rejected as the card-issuing bank may not permit online gambling transactions (Wells Fargo being one). 

Credit cards typically have to be permitted for international usage.  Most are!  Especially those residing in Europe and other countries where the Super Bowl is gaining in popularity, those bank-issued Visa and Mastercards should go through. 

If your card is rejected, says “don’t despair”.  They provide easy-to-follow instructions to ensure 95% of customers attempting to join this Super Bowl Sunday and place bets get through.

Deposit with your Credit Card

They accept VISA and MasterCard only.
You may deposit up to $250 per week on your card.

To deposit using your credit card, call (800) 909-5193 to connect directly a friendly customer service agent.  There was no wait period being reported as of this writing.

Remember, credit cards are not eligible for certain bonus offers, and offers some of the best cash bonuses online so be sure to ask about any restrictions.

- Don Shapiro,

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