Cam Newton Super Bowl 50 MVP Odds Open 3-1

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Mary Montgomery
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Cam Newton Super Bowl 50 MVP Odds Open 3-1

The Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton Super Bowl 50 MVP odds opened at 3-1 for a potential payout of $300 for every $100 bet.  He was at -185 odds the week leading into the Super Bowl.

Cam Newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for two others, and Carolina's big-play defense stifled Arizona's top-ranked offense in a 49-15 romp Sunday for the NFC championship.

It is difficult to see anyone other than one of the two quarterbacks (Newton or Peyton Manning) being named as the Super Bowl 50 MVP depending on which of the two teams wins.  Manning is widely rumored to be retiring after this season, making an MVP vote a sentimental “must”.

Newton has carried his team to a near perfect season with just one loss to Atlanta coming into Super Bowl 50.

- Mary Montgomery,

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