Buffalo Bills 2011 Odds: Regular Season Win Totals Solid Value on the Over

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Don Shapiro
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Buffalo Bills 2011 Odds

The Buffalo Bills 2011 odds are not very good so our focus will be on the regular season win totals.

They have a healthy squad of young players that can help win games but it won’t be easy.

Week 1, the Bills travel to Arrowhead Stadium with one of the worst defensive lines against one of the best rushing teams that only lost a single meaningless game at home last season.

They can beat Oakland at home in Buffalo and we suspect they might since a game in New England looms close the following week and the Bills have only won once in 20 of the last games against the Patriots. 

It is conceivable to have the Bills at 2-2 coming out of Week 4 against the Bengals at home but they’ll be brought right back to reality in Week 5 hosting Philadelphia. 

While it is possible an improved team can win in New York against the Giants, don’t count on it.  They face Washington following a bye week and will likely go up 3 games before hosting the Jets.


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Playing in Dallas will be far from easy and we don’t really see Buffalo beating Miami on the road either.  We’ll have to wait for the Dolphins to head up to Buffalo in December for that win to happen.

The Titans in Buffalo looks like another win, bringing the Bills up to 4 regular season wins.  Facing off in San Diego will be far from easy.

Home games against Miami and Denver in December should be wins, at least on paper.  We do see the Bills taking 6 provided this is at the very least a decent team.

The wildcard will be taking on New England at home the final week where the Patriots could have (and should have) a lock on home field and everything else.

Gambling911.com sees 7 wins a good possibility.  But with the oddsmakers listing the Bills OVER/UNDER at 5.5 -125, the value suddenly becomes VERY GOOD.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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