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Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills 2009 NFL regular season win total odds have been posted at Sportsinteraction.com.

Oddsmakers at SIA believe that the Bills will win UNDER 8 regular season games and the line on this happening came in at -139 (a $139 bet is required to win $100 with $239 returned should the Bills win less than 8 games during the 2009 NFL regular season. 

The good news for Bills fans is that the oddsmakers don't exactly think the UNDER 8 is a "lock".  They only list even odds of Buffalo winning more than 8 games.  Compare these odds with that of San Francisco being listed at -189 to win OVER 7 games during the regular season.

The big question on everybody's mind is whether Terrell Owens will make a positive impact on this team.  If the answer is "Yes", they should be able to win more than the allotted 8 games.  Owens is a primary reason why oddsmakers remain cautious here.

George N. Root III of Associated Content writes

"There has been a lot of talk about Terrell Owens joining the Buffalo Bills this off season, and in some cases the talk is justified. On the one hand Owens is still one of the best receivers to play the game. When TO is on his game he is good for anywhere from 10 to 15 touchdowns a season. The last time TO came anywhere near those numbers he helped the Philadelphia Eagles finally find their way to the Super Bowl. But the problem is that Trent Edwards is not Donovan McNabb, and the Bills' offensive line is not anywhere near the quality of the Eagles line that helped block the Eagles to a Super Bowl berth."

Unfortunately for Buffalo, they kick off their season with a Monday night game in New England.

They host a Tampa Bay team that is a favorite to win UNDER 6 ½ games the following week, which in theory should be the Bills first win.

Week 3 - New Orleans comes to Buffalo. This one can go either way since oddsmakers have the Saints winning more than 9 games during the 2009 regular season.  We'll give this to the Saints for the time being.

Week 4 - Buffalo in Miami should go the Dolphins way.  Oddsmakers have Miami a favorite to win more than 7 games.

Week 5 - Buffalo should beat Cleveland and go up 2 games since the oddsmakers have the Browns a big favorite to win UNDER 7 regular season games.

Week 6 - Bills arrive at the Meadowlands.  We wouldn't put this in the win column since the Jets are heavily favored to win OVER 7 games.  But depending on the quarterback situation and how well this team gels, this game can go either way on paper.

Week 7 - Interestingly enough, Carolina will pay out $120 for every $100 bet if they win OVER 8 ½ games.  They are a hefty favorite to win UNDER that amount.  We're gonna give this one to Buffalo and have them with 3 wins at this point in the regular season (3-4).

Week 8 - Houston comes to Buffalo.  They are a big favorite to win UNDER 8 ½ games during the 2009 regular season so we see the Bills able to take care of business here at home going 4-4.

Week 9 - The team gets some much needed rest.

Week 10 - Tennessee's win total hasn't been posted, probably because of some uncertainty with the starting quarterback situation.  But this was a very good team last year and it's hard to see Buffalo winning in Tennessee at this point. (4-5).

Week 11 - Jacksonville is heavily favored to win OVER 8 games during the 2009 regular season and therefore we see the Bills going 4-6 at this point in the season.

Week 12 - Miami at Buffalo we'll give to the Bills, and this gives them 5 wins.  This game goes off November 26 and the cold weather could be a factor by then. (5-6)

Week 13 - Jets at Buffalo should be the Bills to win (6-6).

Week 14 - The Bills head to Kansas City, which the oddsmakers have winning 6 games during the 2009 regular season.  Should Buffalo really be at .500 heading into Week 14, expect them to have the momentum.  On paper at this juncture in time, the Bills appear to be the better team, even on the road.  (7-6).

Week 15 - New England at Buffalo we gotta give to the Patriots.  Sorry Bills fans (7-7).

Week 16 - Buffalo at Atlanta.  Oddsmakers have Atlanta winning Over 8 games during the regular season.  This is always a tight division and Week 16 should still matter to the Falcons.  All things being relevant, Atlanta will likely win this game and the Bills go 7-8, probably out of contention in the AFC East.

Week 17 - Indianapolis at Buffalo.  Weather could be a factor.  We expect this to be a very tight division once again whereby every post season decision will come down to the wire.  The Colts are a favorite to win OVER 10 games during the 2009 regular season and should have a victory here, at least on paper.

As you can see, Gambling911.com believes early on that the Bills will win UNDER 8 games.

A lot will depend on just how good the Saints and Jaguars are this year and if the Jets can make any headway.  We can't help but think that Buffalo will be a slightly more improved team over last year but they are playing some tough one's.  Let's face reality here:  Only two of the teams playing the Bills have had two consecutive poor seasons.  Jacksonville fell apart last year, but does anyone expect the same to happen in 2009?  Tampa Bay we will throw in the under .500 category for now.  Houston was starting to look really good, which adds a bit of a question mark for Week 8.  And the Jets are just a HUGE question mark.  It is entirely possible Buffalo can beat them in both games.   

We just can't see the Bills going 9-7.  8-8 makes some degree of sense and that would end up being a "Push".  Again, 7-9 seems like the most likely of scenarios. 

A small bet on the UNDER 8 might have some value

Bills fans may have other ideas and are free to comment below.  You do not need to register to post a comment.  You only need to solve a simple math problem. 

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com         

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