Brutal Cold Brings Total in Seahawks-Vikings Game Under 40

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Mary Montgomery
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Brutal Cold Brings Total in Seahawks-Vikings Game Under 40

With temperatures expected to get no higher than 3 degrees during Sunday’s Seahawks-Vikings NFC Playoffs game, the total has plunged down below 40 to 39 at some books.

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“I think it’s the proper handling of the ball over a long period of time,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said when asked which aspect of the game is most affected by cold weather. “It always seems to make coaches feel like it’s going to be a more vulnerable situation. … The sensitivity — whether you’re handing the ball off or tossing it or however you do it.

“Certainly it does affect the traveling of the ball in the kicking game. It doesn’t go as far.”

78% of the money was coming in on the UNDER for this game at 39.5, highly unusual for an NFL Playoffs game. 

Forget the total for a moment, this is forecast to be the coldest game the Seattle Seahawks have ever played in.  Sure Seattle is one of the more Northern cities but the West Coast brings relatively mild air to that region.  The line has also been dipping throughout the day Saturday from a peak of Seattle -6 to -3.5 even though the Seahawks continued to get over 80 percent of the action at some books. 

“This is likely going to be a Vikings victory based on the opinion of bookies here,” notes Don Shapiro.  “There is little reason to bring the line down if so much money has been on the Seahawks already.”

Late Saturday morning, 81 percent of the money was still coming in on Seattle.

- Mary Montgomery,

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