Brighton vs. Cardiff Game Postponement Leaves Bettors in Limbo

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As is often the case when a sporting event gets cancelled or postponed, bettors (punters) come to the site looking for answers.  Such was the case with Friday’s Brighton vs. Cardiff Championship game and a postponement due to heavy fog.

The typical sportsbook rules are that, if a betting event fails to take place as scheduled, for any reason, or if it ends without an official score and is not resumed within 72 hours, the stakes will be refunded or credited to your account.

This should be the application when it comes to the Brighton vs. Cardiff game though not all bookmakers are the same, so one must always review a specific book’s rules prior to seeking reimbursement.

It would appear this matchup will be scheduled beyond the 72 hour mark employed by many books, though no official announcement was made immediately following the postponement declaration.

Fans from all over the world – even the African continent – had placed bets on this Championship game.

Fog had been a problem all over the south of England throughout Friday, and with no sign of clearing up in the Brighton region, officials were forced to call this one off.

- Alistair Prescott,


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