Brett Favre, Michael Vick and Minnesota Vikings 2009 Odds

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Frank Doyle
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Minnesota Vikings Odds 2009

Sports Interaction betting analyst is looking at quarterbacks come and go as Michael Vick returns to the NFL and Brett Favre confirms his retirement and how both situations will impact the 2009/2010 odds, especially when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings. 

It's just ten days or so until the Hall of Fame game at Canton between the Bills and the Titans, and this week has been fascinating in terms of quarterback comings and goings. Michael Vick was reinstated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, while Brett Favre has decided to stay retired, and not join the Minnesota Vikings. So the question is - how will these two events effect NFL futures betting with Sports Interaction?

The first thing the Favre decision will do is give people who backed the Vikings at +1600 with Sports Interaction to finally put the 1970s behind them and win their first Super Bowl a certain shiver.

Minnesota remains the favorite to win the NFC North - even though the Vikings have a question mark at quarterback, so does everybody else in that division and the Vikings are best equipped team of the four in the other positions. But my goodness, Favre in the purple would have been something to believe in for Vikings bettors on those fraught trips to Soldier Field and Lambeau. Especially Lambeau.

While Favre steps from the limelight, Michael Vick returns to its full glare. The NFL teams are being noticeably wary about whether or not they'll consider suiting him because it would generate such negative PR but we all may rest assured that most teams in the league has a big fat dossier on the former Falcon quarterback and they are studying it intently. The guy went to the Pro Bowl three times - tomatoes don't do that.

Vick has burned his bridges with Atlanta and that's never going to change but any other General Manager would be derelict in his duty if he did not seriously evaluate what Vick could bring to the team. Quarterback is the single most important position on the team, and Vick is a seven year veteran. That sort of experience does not come along every day.

There were question marks over Michael Vick's accuracy when he was a Falcon - a 53.8 passing percentage doesn't really cut it in today's NFL - but now the Wildcat appears here to stay Vick's rushing and passing combination makes him look like a backfield alchemist to some teams.

The Patriots and Steelers are the clear favorites for the Super Bowl but there are a lot of contenders bubbling under at odds of +1000 or so. Michael Vick could be a difference-maker for a lot of those teams, and they all know it. It's going to be another fantastic football season. Just like always.

Frank Doyle, Gambling911.com Betting Analyst

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